Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Family Theme

380 pages based on family. That is just one way to describe The House of the Scorpion. There are many themes within this book, but the one that our group found most significant was “Those you love, and those who truly love you, are a real family.” To us, this statement means that blood does not always mean family, and sometimes those you meet on the road of life are the ones that truly matter to you.

This is why we decided to make a tree that represents Matt’s real family to his blood family, Matt is the trunk to represent that he is the base of the entire story. We also put some symbols to represent the feelings Matt had associated with each person. Our tree has 3 different branches representing the separate “families” Matt has.

On one branch we put Celia and Tam Lin, representing the parent figures in Matt’s life. Matt was born a clone, meaning he doesn't have blood parents, but Celia and Tam Lin have taken on this parenting role to raise Matt like real parents would. On the other side, we put El Patron and Tom. This tree branch is rotting and dying, With thorns and rotting leaves, showing that the relationship between them and Matt is toxic. They are related by blood, but treat Matt with disrespect and take advantage of him, which gives an idea that Tom and El Patron are not the best to hang around.

Maria has her own branch to show how important to Matt she is. Her branch has flowers to represent the feelings Matt has for her. The final branch has Chacho, Fidelito and Ton Ton. These 3 boys are very important for Matt’s feeling of acceptance, as they were one of the only people who didn’t care whether or not he is a clone. They are like 3 brotherly figures to him, even though they aren't even blood-related.

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